The available craft beers at Stavio


Stavio isn't near any big tourist hotspots (closest might be Centrale Montemartini which I visited before going here) but this bar is worth the detour for any craft beer geek. To reach it you actually have to go down a slope next to the road to reach a little corner of Trastevere which only gets visited by locals. As a matter of fact there were no tourists there during my visit, just me.

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More chairs in Stadsbrouwhuis Leiden with the bar at the far end

Het Stadsbrouwhuis

The beautiful old town of Leiden has it all. An old historic town center with lots of history and culture. A large population of young professionals and students. It's perfectly situated between Amsterdam and The Hague. And close all sorts of outdoors recreation. What they also have is a place for craft beer lovers in the form of a brewpub called Het Stadsbrouwhuis (City Brewery if you translate it).

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People trying to pick their beer at the bar at Brody's American Taphouse

Brody’s American Taphouse

In 2017 two new craft beer bars opened in The Hague, Anna's Bar and Brody's American Taphouse and it's the latter I want to hightlight. Most recently this location was a coffeeshop called Cremers but the owner decided to move that venue to the basement and the upstairs area became this new temple of hops which is of course completely smoke free.

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