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An order of beer is getting prepared at Brasserie 4:20

CLOSED: Brasserie 4:20

In Trastevere just off the beaten track near Porta Portese you find Brasserie 4:20. When I visited this craft beer bar it was very crowded here and most of them were Romans. A place visited by locals should be good right? The main reason for the big crowd though was because of a band called the The Pischellis that was about to perform.Read more…
People trying to pick their beer at the bar at Brody's American Taphouse

CLOSED: Brody’s American Taphouse

In 2017 two new craft beer bars opened in The Hague, Anna's Bar and Brody's American Taphouse. It's the latter I want to highlight. Most recently this location was a coffeeshop called Cremers but the owner decided to move that venue to the basement and the upstairs area became this new temple of hops which is of course completely smoke free.Read more…