On a hot Danish summer day Dennis – the owner of 1420 – ‘lured’ us to his bar. We had just arrived in the city, it was pretty hot outside and most people were sitting in the sun. But we went to Nørrebro – a multicultural district in Copenhagen – to visit Dennis and his ‘underground’ Belgian oasis.

Underground sounds more serious than it is. The bar is in a basement but it still has windows on street level. What it also has is a very nice selection of Belgian beers and I don’t mean the usual suspects. What sets 1420 apart is it’s beautiful lambic collection. The bar has 10 taps  including some hand pumps and a bottle collection of about 300 bottles.

It’s a new bar and during the summer of 2018 they were still finishing the interior. It still has a nice cosy atmosphere despite this, partly thanks to the decor with vintage items and a lot of board games. Dennis is a friendly and funny guy with lots of stories. His great enthusiasm  about beer in general and his beer in particular always shines through.

We were there on a quiet afternoon. This doesn’t mean that’s how it always is. They also offer tastings, tap takeovers and pub quizzes. That means it can get very crowded!

I can imagine me sitting there on a cold Danish winter’s day, in a cosy warm basement, drinking some nice lambic and playing board games with friends. Sounds great right?

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