A guide to craft beer in Rome, Italy

Rome’s called the eternal city and when you walk around every corner is just full of history. There’s of course the famous landmarks like Vatican City, The Colosseum, Forum Romanum and many, many more.

Rome is also the center of craft beer in Italy and there are several good craft beer bars and bottle shops to be found.

The available craft beers at Stavio

CLOSED: Stavio

Stavio isn't near any big tourist hotspots (closest might be Centrale Montemartini which I visited before going here) but this bar is worth the detour for any craft beer geek. To reach it you actually have to go down a slope next to the road to reach a little corner of Trastevere which only gets visited by locals. As a matter of fact there were no tourists there during my visit, just me.Read more…
An order of beer is getting prepared at Brasserie 4:20

CLOSED: Brasserie 4:20

In Trastevere just off the beaten track near Porta Portese you find Brasserie 4:20. When I visited this craft beer bar it was very crowded here and most of them were Romans. A place visited by locals should be good right? The main reason for the big crowd though was because of a band called the The Pischellis that was about to perform.Read more…