Ma Che Siete Venuti A Fà is located in the trendy neighbourhood of Trastevere in Rome and perhaps the most well known craft beer bar in Rome and Italy. People from all over the world visit this Roman beer hot spot every day and yes, so did I when I was on vacation in the Eternal City.

It looks small but looks can be deceiving, There are actually several rooms where people can enjoy their drink but most people stay near the bar or even go outside. In the latter case people get their beer in plastic instead of glass. During my stay in Rome there was actually a tap takeover of Eik & Tid from Norway and those weren’t allowed to be served in plastic. This was just to show respect to their ‘guest’ I think.

This bar is basically a must visit for any beer geek visiting Rome. It’s the godfather of the craft beer scene in the city and a fun place to hang out. I had some great conversations here with people both visiting the city as well as locals. The only thing they could pay a bit more attention to is to keep out people bothering their patrons and trying to sell them stuff or beg for money.

Taps rotate quite a bit, both the normal ones as well as the hand pumps (several craft beer bars in Rome seem to have those). Some beers sell out really quickly so best bet is checking in regularly to see what’s new. You can use Untappd for that as well but sometimes just dropping by is more fun.

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