A guide to craft beer in The Netherlands

Craft beer bars and bottle shops in The Netherlands. Find the best places for a good craft beer in Amsterdam, The Hague, Utrecht, Rotterdam and other Dutch cities and areas.

People working hard behind the bar at Proeflokaal Arendsnest

Proeflokaal Arendsnest

Proeflokaal Arendsnest is, in my opinion, another classic craft beer bar in Amsterdam. It's the first of the establishments owned by Dutch beer pioneer and entrepreneur Peter van der Arend. He has done many things to promote beer in The Netherlands and in Amsterdam in particular. I will try to tell you about the man and his first bar where he dared to focus on just Dutch beer.Read more…
This is where you enter Foeders


My first article on a bar in Amsterdam was a hard choice. There are quite a few craft beer places after all. After some consideration though I decided on one of the newer bars, one run by a jovial but opinionated Belgian with a love of people and beer. Beer isn't the goal for Yuri Hegge though, beer is just a way for him to create a familial atmoshpere. This is Foeders.Read more…
The long dark wooden bar at Proeflokaal De Riddert

Proeflokaal De Riddert

Sometimes I have the chance to spotlight a lesser known bar or brewery. I did so with Stavio in Rome and today I do so with Proeflokaal De Riddert in Rotterdam. Located in walking distance from Rotterdam Centraal you'd think it would be more well known among craft beer geeks but it's a place that's easy to miss. Why is that? Time to take a look at this little bar.Read more…
A nice row of beer flights at Kompaan Beer Bar

Kompaan Beer Bar

Kompaan is a well known brewery in The Hague. It's likely also the biggest one. They started brewing in 2012 and after (among other things) a crowdfunding campaign they opened up their brewery and bar in 2015 at Binckhorst. They started brewing at this location in 2016 and now plenty of their own beers and guest beers flow from the 20 taps at Kompaan Beer Bar.Read more…