Craft beer at bars and bottle shops in Amsterdam, The Netherlands

I don’t have to tell you a lot about Amsterdam right? The capitol of The Netherlands is known for it’s museums, coffeeshops and Red Light District.

Visiting the Rijksmuseum or Van Gogh museum might make you thirsty for some good beer though. Well, Amsterdam has you covered!

There are several craft beer bars and bottle shops to choose from. Trust me, your holiday will be flowing with good beer.

This is where you enter Foeders


My first article on a bar in Amsterdam was a hard choice. There are quite a few craft beer places after all. After some consideration though I decided on one of the newer bars, one run by a jovial but opinionated Belgian with a love of people and beer. Beer isn't the goal for Yuri Hegge though, beer is just a way for him to create a familial atmoshpere. This is Foeders.Read more…