The reason I was in Leiden on December 20th was because a couple of my friends started their own brewery called X-Brewing and on this night they would officially launch with a tap take-over at Lemmy’s Bier & Whiskycafé. I was there to support them, take pictures and I took the opportunity to gather some information so I could write something about this craft beer bar in Leiden.

So I’ll start with telling you something about the bar. This watering hole opened on May 13, 1996 and was named after it’s owner Lamber Vos, Lemmy being a nickname of his. He wants to promote beer from the region, a sentiment he shares with his business partner and fellow owner Rogier Rustige. Together they also own Het Stadsbrouwhuis in Leiden. I actually had the pleasure of drinking at that establishment recently as well and it was a good experience.

Lemmy’s has 10 beers on tap and a total of 150 beers in their collection. You can always get a taste of a beer on tap and if you want to do a whole tasting you can get this on request. Among the 10 tap beers are often house beers but they depend on availability. On this night it was Lemmy’s Hoppy Lager which gets brewed at Het Uiltje and Lemmy’s Tripel X-Rated made by Neptunus. Neither of them blew me away but then again, I was there for the beer made by my friends and among those were an IPA and a coffee stout, it could be that I couldn’t really taste these beers any more.

There is no kitchen at the bar (unlike it’s sister location mentioned earlier) but lucky for them and the patrons they have a good relationship with their neighbours and if you’re feeling peckish they will just order it for you next door.

You might have noticed that the name of the place actually translates to ‘beer and whiskybar’ and it would be terrible not to mention the more than 50 types of whisky available. In 2019 they will start with whisky tastings as well for those among you that might crave something with more punch than craft beer.

Last but not least. there’s live music at least once a month on the last Tuesday of the month. It’s not limited to just this evening (there was actual an Irish folkband playing during my visit and it wasn’t a Tuesday) but like I just said, at least once a month. You can find this love of music on the walls as well with a more famous Lemmy (may her rest in peace) among the photos.

In short, Lemmy’s is well worth a visit if you find yourself in the beautiful city of Leiden.

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