Craft beer bars and bottleshops in The Hague, The Netherlands

The interior of Rootz


In the center of The Hague in the Grote Marktstraat which is of course close to the actual Grote Markt you can find Rootz. This is one of the older beer bars in the city since it opened in 1998. They call it the 'Belg van Den Haag' (Belgian of The Hague) but Belgian beer is not all that can be had in this establishment in an old 17th century carriage house.Read more…
People trying to pick their beer at the bar at Brody's American Taphouse

Brody’s American Taphouse

In 2017 two new craft beer bars opened in The Hague, Anna's Bar and Brody's American Taphouse. It's the latter I want to highlight. Most recently this location was a coffeeshop called Cremers but the owner decided to move that venue to the basement and the upstairs area became this new temple of hops which is of course completely smoke free.Read more…
Behind the scenes (bar) at De Gekke Geit

De Gekke Geit

This bar might be the one I visit the most in the city I live in, The Hague. It looks a bit dingy but trust me, if you want any craft beer that was just released in The Netherlands you can get it here, especially if it's a brewery the manager Jaap is a fan of. I am of course talking about De Gekke Geit (or The Crazy Goat if you translate it).Read more…