A guide to craft beer in The Hague, The Netherlands

The Hague is known as the city of justice, of international law and arbitration. This is of course because it is contains the International Court of Justice, Europol and a lot more international institutions. It’s also the seat of Dutch government, home to many embassies and the Dutch king lives here as well. All in all The Hague is a very international city.

What about craft beer though? Among all the politics (and quite a bit art like at the Mauritshuis) there are places to enjoy a good beer right? Of course there are! Bottle shops and bars, The Hague has you covered if you like a good craft beer.

Behind the scenes (bar) at De Gekke Geit

De Gekke Geit

This bar might be the one I visit the most in the city I live in, The Hague. It looks a bit dingy but trust me, if you want any craft beer that was just released in The Netherlands you can get it here, especially if it's a brewery the manager Jaap is a fan of. I am of course talking about De Gekke Geit (or The Crazy Goat if you translate it).Read more…