A few of the best things in life are beer and food and – what’s even better – beer and food combined. That’s what they do at Taplokaal Gist in Utrecht. There are 30 taps with a changing selection of craft beers and beautiful food that can be served – ask the staff – with a matching beer. Apart from the 30 taps, there is also a fridge with an interesting beer collection.

Taplokaal Gist opened its doors last year, thanks to a crowd funding campaign. And I’m one of ‘the crowd that funded’, so please visit and spend a lot of money! I’ve seen everything grow from scratch. First there was ‘nothing’ and now there is a spacious bar and restaurant, with a big bar, lots of tables to drink, eat or play board games and an open space with a real ‘Muppet show’-balcony. If the temperature allows it you can also sit outside on the terrace next to the water.

The last time we visited we went there to have diner, but of course we started with a few beers at the bar. After that we sat down at a table for some food. We both chose the pumpkin risotto. Normally they would recommend a porter to go with this meal, but just before we ordered we spotted a very nice beer from New Zealand in the fridge. This means we just did a bit of food pairing of our own.

Taplokaal Gist is situated on ‘De Helling’ really close to the train station Utrecht–Vaartsche Rijn, but also at walking distance from Utrecht Centraal – if you like a short walk. You can even go there by boat!

People from Utrecht and/or people who like music might know the location, because music venue ‘De Helling’ is just around the corner. So if you ever go to a show at ‘De Helling’, be sure that you are there early. That way you can have diner – or a few beers and snacks – at Taplokaal Gist. I highly recommend it!

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