The sign of good beer at Heart of Darkness

Heart of Darkness

There are so many craft beer breweries and taprooms in Asia by now, it's unbelievable. In my country alone (Japan) the number of craft breweries continues to increase every year. We are not alone though, craft beer is booming in other Asian countries as well. China, Korea and...Vietnam. I just visited Hồ Chí Minh (a.k.a. Saigon) this September and it's time to introduce you to Heart of Darkness.

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Taps and staff at Uiltje Bar

Uiltje Bar

One of my favourite breweries in The Netherlands is Het Uiltje or as they renamed it to sound more international Uiltje Brewing Company. Their logo is a little owl (which got a bit more animated in it's later incarnation) and in 2015 they opened their bar in the city of Haarlem. Later they also opened a taproom at their brewery but I'm going to focus at the aforementioned bar.

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A beer flight at Brewdog Roma

Brewdog Roma

Brewdog isn't Italian but this Scottish brewery does have bars in several big cities around the world, Rome among them. The location is pretty much perfect, right next to the Colosseum so you can go here before or after a visit to this must-see monument. In my case I had lunch here before going on a tour, eating a big hotdog while trying some of their beers.

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